Every one of our projects is unique. We believe that it is impossible to create something worthwhile and enduring by sticking to a single template. We apply our selected services to each client individually, by evaluating your true needs and designing a strategy for you. Our team is fully dedicated to your project and finding creative solutions for your goals.


  • Launching, customizing and running targeted ads
  • Installing and Setting up Facebook Pixel
  • Creating an advertising strategy
  • Searching and gathering solvent target audience
  • Selecting customized advertising layouts
  • Attracting traffic to the website
  • Reporting results at the end of the ad campaign
  • Analyzing and optimizing the advertising campaign
  • Retargeting

Community management

  • Analyzing competition and area of your business
  • Creating interactive and engaging content
  • Social media networking  
  • Social network profile administration
  • Building a community of loyal users
  • Developing a content plan 
  • Interacting with followers
  • Customizing community design
  • Reporting project updates on a regular basis

Influencers Marketing

  • Selection through Instagram analytics service
  • Searching influencers for the target audience of the product
  • Eliminating fake followers
  • Analysis of the audience by gender, geographical location and other characteristics
  • Segmentation of followers by interests
  • Creation of advertising layouts
  • Collaboration with trusted influencers
  • Approval of advertisements
  • Coordination of collaborations

Media Content

  • Content optimization for various social networks
  • Set up an on-site photo shoot
  • Creating a video content
  • Advice on content creation and design
  • Content recommendations (with examples)
  • Photo content Creation
  • Photo shoot Check list
  • Instagram feed options
  • Photo shoot location selection


  • Social networks and blogs texts
  • Informational articles
  • Selling texts
  • SEO articles
  • Auditing and existing content editing
  • Advertising and PR texts
  • Press releases
  • Rewriting
  • Website Pages Text
  • Landing Page Text
  • Product reviews
  • Customer reviews

Visual Design

  • Analyzing your objectives, niche market and audience
  • Personalizing visual style
  • Developing design elements
  • Designing a header image, avatars and icon highlights
  • Arranging Instagram feed options
  • Creating posts and stories templates
  • Logo design (on request)
  • Selecting fonts and colors
  • Advertising layouts


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